How to get the most from Ohlelo!

So you’ve started checking out all the great content on Ohlelo. Maybe you’ve even commented on an article – or put up your own post or two. Maybe you’ve done several and are looking for that extra edge to get your content noticed!

Have you tried out the full range of amazing features we offer yet? Probably not!

The ultimate guide

This is the ultimate guide to everything Ohlelo has to offer – and we promise, you won’t find such a combination of features anywhere else!

We’ve broken this in-depth guide down into sections, from the basics to advanced tips, so feel free to jump right to what you’re looking for:

  1. What makes Ohlelo unique
  2. Benefits of enhanced membership
  3. How to explore your interests with Ohlelo
  4. Engaging with content on Ohlelo
  5. Connect with others who share your passions
  6. How to create an Ohlelo post, including multimedia and live streaming!
  7. Becoming an author and curating your own content
  8. Creating a live video panel discussion

Amazing Ohlelo multimedia content

Create incredible multimedia posts on Ohlelo

How is Ohlelo different to anything else you have used before?

  • There’s a place on Ohlelo to explore every one of your unique interests – we have over 3,500 topics and growing, and you can create a unique space for your own particular passion if we don’t have it yet! Think of Ohlelo as the canvas to explore your passions.
  • On Ohlelo you can engage with others who share your interests in so many ways – by discussing shared interests through text comments, recording a podcast, or jumping on a live video discussion with them. You can have great conversations about exactly what you love the most!
  • Our content is created by Ohlelo members and our advanced ratings engine surfaces the best of it based on members’ input. Members also moderate the content, to ensure Ohlelo is a safe place for everyone!
  • And by the way, while we are all about connecting people with shared interests, that doesn’t mean they will have the same point of view – we aren’t fans of echo chambers! We encourage members to challenge each other’s viewpoints. If they can’t agree, they can even set up a structured video debate and see what others think of their arguments!
  • Ohlelo makes creating amazing multimedia content simple and easy with an incredible suite of tools to offer. Write a blog, stream video, share your podcast, and engage in live panel discussions, all in one place!

We’re confident you’ll agree that all of these things make Ohlelo an incredibly unique place that you’ll want to explore and contribute to!

Benefits of enhanced membership with Ohlelo

All of the content on Ohlelo is free for everyone to view, which means many more people will explore their passions and contribute to Ohlelo conversations! To get much more out of the platform, check out the incredible benefits of becoming an Ohlelo member:

Contributor Membership

Contributors can of course enjoy viewing all of our content, and with this free membership you can also participate directly in discussions! You can:

  • Add comments and interact with others through Ohlelo’s social features
  • Rate posts to help the best content rise to the top
  • Follow other contributors’ posts to keep abreast of the latest views

Let your opinions be heard and test your views with all of Ohlelo’s brilliant community!

Contributor Plus Membership

To take advantage of Ohlelo’s key features, the Contributor Plus membership additionally lets you create your own amazing multimedia posts, as well as add your very own topics on the platform! Ohlelo makes it very easy to post all of your content right into your relevant niches.

If you’re a blogger, hobbyist, content marketer, or just have a lot of passions, Ohlelo is the place to showcase your content. Because you can post directly into your niche, you benefit from our audience that congregate on our topic pages. There’s one central place for each of your interests and an incredible set of tools for your followers to engage with you!

Let your creative juices flow, create great conversations about your passions, and let us take care of the logistics! As an added bonus, you can try out a video discussion for free!

Creator Membership

Some people just have more opinions and love to share them with others, and Ohlelo’s Creator Membership is perfect for them! Not only does it allow you to create frequent amazing, professional-quality posts, you can also leverage Ohlelo’s incredibly unique video discussion features!

What does that mean, you ask? Well, do you ever wonder what your followers think after they write a comment on your blog? Why not invite a group of them to participate in a video chat directly with you? You can discuss your content directly with your followers through live video chats and Q&A sessions – a whole new way to interact and drive engagement with your audience.

Deepening relationships with them will drive loyalty, advocacy, and ultimately greater influence for you – not to mention providing tons of material for future posts! Beyond that, sharing the video chat will also broaden your reach even further.

With Ohlelo’s video features you can stay connected with your community on-the-go from anywhere and everywhere. Dive in and let the conversations flow!

Creator Pro Membership

If you have a lot of opinions, and you’re in no way shy in sharing them – or you’re a professional blogger, our Creator Pro Membership is for you! With the richest set of features we offer, you get all the benefits of our other plans, with the ability to post much more frequently, as well as a much greater ability to engage with your followers via video. This membership gives you tools that no other platform can offer, all in one place!

To make the most of your incredible content, this plan is a must-have. You want to dominate your niche, drive up your followership, and achieve your life goals, and Ohlelo backs you all the way. We invite you to dive in and reap the benefits!

Find out all about all of our membership plans here!

A canvas to explore and create your passions

Every interest has a place on Ohlelo

Join the newest digital community

How to explore your passions with Ohlelo

Ohlelo has a rich tapestry of information and there are so many ways to dive into it! Whether on your mobile, tablet, or desktop, we make it easy to find and enjoy great content.

Exploring our content

Ohlelo’s best content surfaces right to the top based on ratings from members, so be sure to check out the home page for the most outstanding content of the moment!

You can also view topics that exactly match your interests. Use the search button to find specific topics by keyword or tag – relevant articles will pop right up. So if you search for jokes, you’ll find videos by Jerry Seinfeld and others!

The topics you love

Our topics are like conversations that are refined over time – the best content bubbles to the top, and because people who are passionate about them follow and contribute, the discussion just gets more and more interesting. We’re bringing together people who are passionate about their interests to enhance their views and share with others!

Great conversations, refined

Our topics are like conversations that are refined over time – the best content bubbles to the top, and because people who are passionate about them follow and contribute, the discussion just gets more and more interesting. We’re bringing together people who are passionate about their interests to enhance their views and share with others!

Follow topics and discussions

On Ohlelo we make it easy to stay up to speed on the latest for all of your interests! You can follow topics (such as Shopping to see the latest daily deals), other Ohlelo members (the ones sharing the best shopping tips!) and discussions (everything happening with whatever your favorite shopping content is). Click on the Follow button anywhere you see it, and you will receive relevant notifications. Sign up to our email digests and you’ll receive a tailored message with our best content!

Viewing modes

Ohlelo can be viewed easily on mobile devices and laptop / desktop computers. If you’re perusing late at night, be sure to check out our dark mode to cut down all of that bright blue light and get more restful sleep afterward!

Your favorites, right at your fingertips

From the big questions of our time to the light and humorous, you can find the best of it on Ohlelo!

Engaging with content on Ohlelo

There are so many ways to interact with our rich content beyond just reading and watching the latest on your passions – and in fact, Ohlelo depends on our members to provide ratings and help moderate the content. Our members value your opinion just as much as we do!

Ratings and flags

Step 1 is to start rating the content you love on Ohlelo, as well as content which you aren’t enjoying quite as much! Every post has a ratings section, and while it doesn’t take long, we ask for a bit more detailed feedback than a simple thumbs up. All of this ensures that the best rises to the top, making Ohlelo a more interesting place for you and the other members!

So we want to know the quality of the content and presentation. We also want to understand whether you agree with the content – which helps us weed out ratings spam. We also need to know whether the content fits within Ohlelo’s safe community – and rest assured, we will take action if it doesn’t.

Step 2. If something just isn’t right about the post, please use the bright “Report an issue with this content” button. From minor issues all the way to hateful content, we’ve got flags that will ensure we can moderate content carefully.

And by the way, the more active you become with interacting with our content, you will be invited to become an Ohlelo member-moderator!

Adding to the discussions via comments

Ratings are a piece of cake, and comments are not far behind (our founders happen to prefer pie), so please share your views! Every post has a comments section, and when you add comments everyone can benefit from your thoughts and perspectives. You can follow the discussion to see replies and deepen the conversation.

Uniquely to Ohlelo, when you register your interest by commenting, it opens up a whole range of possible interactions. The author of the post and others interested in that topic will be able to connect with you, invite you to related content, and you could even jump on a live video discussion with them to explore it further! See below for more information about video discussions.

How to create an Ohlelo post, including multimedia and live streaming!

Getting started posting on Ohlelo

Excellent, you want to share your amazing content on Ohlelo! We’ve got a straightforward guide on how to do this, right from simple text posts to the full multimedia and video tools we offer.

First, you need to be a member of Ohlelo. There are so many benefits that we know you will value, so please head on over to memberships to check them out!


Laptop / desktop

A step-by-step guide

Ohlelo makes it easy to post beautiful content, and we want your content to look its best and be seen by as many people as possible!

Creating the core content of your post

  1. First, choose a catchy title with as much hook as you can and pop it into the title field – 60 characters or about one line in standard writing programs.
  2. Then, create a subtitle which can expand upon your subject a bit and add even more hook! The subtitle will show on related topic pages and is a key way to get more people to read the post.
  3. Add the body of your post through the text editor, by copy and pasting or composing directly into the editor. Be sure to include some slick formatting including bullet points, numbered lists, and blockquotes.
  4. Use bolded subheadings through the bold button or keyboard shortcut. These will break up the text and make it much easier for the reader to absorb the information, and read more of it!

Adding multimedia to make your content pop

With Ohlelo, you can always add images, videos, social media, and audio to your posts to showcase your content and grab the viewer’s attention. It’s easy to add them:

  1. For multimedia, you can easily embed videos, social posts, and audio directly into your post.  Simply write a short, clear introduction and insert the link at the appropriate point in your post!
  2. For the featured image, simply tap “Set Featured Image” and upload the file from your device.

Putting your post in the right place on Ohlelo

Content on Ohlelo is organized by topic, which means you can connect and swap views with those who share your interests. This means it is key to post your content into the right topic areas, so it is viewed by those seeking out similar passions!

We have over 3,500 topics and growing, and if we don’t have your particular interests we encourage you to add them. And the good news is that you can add your posts to multiple topics they are relevant to!

Here’s how to select the right topics for your post:

  1. Tap or click on the Categories text box.
  2. Type in the main subject matter of your post:
    • You’ll probably see several options showing up just below. Select the ones that are relevant. If your content has multiple topics, you can add as many as are relevant. So if it is about the impact of Covid-19 on XYZ topic, please add it to both the Covid-19 and XYZ candidates!
    • If we don’t have your topic yet, add some tags and soon it will be!

Incorporating live streams

On Ohlelo you can share live streams from a number of platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo. Simply create a post, choose the video option, and include the video URL. Choose the relevant topics through the Categories box and submit your post. This shares your post with the relevant topics on Ohlelo, and you can then share it with your existing audiences as well, who can watch live on Ohlelo. Posting in the right topic areas will mean your live stream is exposed to Ohlelo’s viewers and members who are already interested in your niche, driving up your audience!

Streaming yourself live on Ohlelo

Our video capability is being integrated into the platform right now, so stay tuned and you’ll be able to engage in this new and amazing way to share your views about your passions!

Rate Ohlelo's content and flag as needed

Your ratings help us surface the best content to bring you the best and save you time!

Becoming a recognized author on Ohlelo,
curating your content, and building your followership

On Ohlelo the possibilities as an author and content creator are endless! Think of Ohlelo as a powerful canvas to capture your creative juices, and as a platform for others to view and engage with your work. With our tools, you have one place to curate all of your content. And adding in your content to Ohlelo’s topics means you can place it directly in front of an audience that shares your passions. All of this means you can drive up your followership and influence in your niche!

Once you’ve created your first posts with Ohlelo, they will reside in two key places:

  1. Within the relevant topic areas you selected
  2. On your Ohlelo member profile, where all your posts are captured

Posting in your niche on Ohlelo

By posting in the topic areas, you are presenting your work to all those who come to those topics and engage with the content relevant to their interests. (Of course, we invite you to share those topic pages with your following to drive that up even more!) Viewers and members can comment on your work, and you can engage further with them. Review and respond to comments, or jump on a video discussion and really deepen your relationship with them and reach!

Your Ohlelo profile

Your member profile is your very own canvas, where all of your content and activity resides. You can share this publicly and/or your friends on Ohlelo can follow you to get access to your latest content directly! All of your multimedia posts, video galleries, and video discussions are included.

More than any other platform, Ohlelo creates a space for you to showcase your creativity, views, and content. Tap into the powerful tools Ohlelo offers, including live video discussions, and let your creativity loose!

Creating a live video discussion

Ohlelo is the place to discuss your interests and share your perspectives with others. You can have live video discussions with others, and have it featured directly in your niche.

Our video capability is being integrated into the platform right now, so stay tuned and you’ll be able to engage in this new and amazing way to share your views about your passions!

We invite you to explore our best content

Head on over to the homepage, or peruse our sections – from Lifestyle to Issues to Sports and more. Or search for exactly what you are looking for! The possibilities with Ohlelo are limitless.

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