Race and Ethnicity

Ohlelo's Race and Ethnicity topic connects you with others who share your interest in race and ethnicity. You can explore all our related content and discuss it directly with others. Write or comment on a blog, stream video, share a podcast, create video galleries, and engage in live panel discussions, all in one place! Check out the main topics we are developing within this area:

Kids and racism: how to talk about racism and white privilege

Children used to be told all people are equal, but this is very insufficient if you haven’t experienced inequality. Learn how to talk to kids about racism.

  • Did you have discussions about privilege when you were growing up?
  • How else will you teach your children about racism? Books, TV shows? Showing them media where BIPOC people are main characters and actually represented?
  • How will you bring more diversity to your childrens’ lives?
  • What challenges have you encountered when discussing race with children?

Is Black Lives Matter effective in helping black people?

Is Black Lives Matter performative, or does it really help Black people?

There are several questions to discuss:
  • Does BLM help or hurt?
  • Do black Americans really need BLM?
  • How much does politics play into BLM? Do you believe the conspiracy theories?
  • How is Black Lives Matter effective?

Race vs Ethnicity: what do these terms mean and how to use them?

People of the same race can have entirely different ethnicities and people of the same ethnicity can be two different races. So what do these terms mean??

We have posed several questions about these terms to discuss on Ohlelo:
  • How have you learned about the differences between race and ethnicity? Were you ever taught about this subject?
  • Race and ethnicity are both socially constructed ideas and remain pervasive in today’s society. Why is that society still categorizes people based on their skin tone and their customs?
  • What actions can people take to help address racial inequalities in America?
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